About the artist

"Carolyn Bucha is an award-winning watercolorist known for her exquisite portrayals of coastal, country and floral scenes. We love her charming paintings of quaint seaside cottages, country farm stands, and colorful gardens. Through her paintings, Carolyn hopes to evoke the peace and happiness she feels when surrounded by beauty. She accomplishes this goal through her wonderful sense of color and her amazing ability to capture the nuances of light hitting a scene. Born in England, Carolyn's artistic style has been influenced by her years living abroad. Her work has been widely exhibited and she has illustrated numerous books."

This website has several purposes.  The first is to serve the many collectors who have asked how they may see what I have available for purchase .  I have moved out of the New York area to Kansas (for Hallmark).  On the Originals page, one may see recent works.  I do commissions as well.  The second purpose is to launch a new business:  painting wedding invitations.  I painted flowers for each of my three daughters and thought I could share the fun and exciting results with others.  Another purpose is to serve clients.  On the Licensing page are some of the many images for which I retain rights.  These images may be used or new ones developed.  I have also illustrated books, some of which are on the Books page.  Please contact me at carolyn@carolynbucha.com for information.